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Are you interested in applying for the Oklahoma Professional Advancement Award?

Applications are due August 15, 2022

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For the latest information regarding the child care crisis--

NAEYC just released the new ECE-field survey brief: Saved But Not Solved: America’s Economy Needs Congress to Fund Child Care

Key takeaways from this brief check-in survey with nearly 5,000 early childhood educators working across all states and settings—including faith-based programs, family child care homes, and small and large centers include:


  • 60% of respondents (2,927) worked in child care centers and family child care homes that received stabilization grants through the American Rescue Plan. Of those, 92% said that the grants helped their program stay open.

  • At the same time, two-thirds of respondents reported experiencing a staffing shortage that affected their ability to serve families; 52% of those with staffing shortages were forced to serve fewer children while 37% had a longer waiting list.

  • 75% of respondents reported that the end of stabilization grants would have a negative or highly negative effect on their programs. Of the respondents who said they knew enough about Build Back Better’s investments in child care and preK to answer the question, 89% agreed that it would “secure the future of our program,” including 86% of respondents from family child care homes and 85% of respondents from faith- based programs.


For Career Information as provided by NAEYC --

follow this link:

OKAEYC is delighted to share information from the Center for Early Childhood Professional Development Salary and Wages Program!


For information about the 

Certificate of Achievement and Stipend Program --

follow this link:



Wage Supplement Program --

follow this link:

  • CCAoA has a new blog with a lot of great information about how states are spending their ARP Act discretionary funds.

    • CCSA’s version focuses on workforce-specific investments via ARPA.  

    • Children's Funding Project looks at how specific communities used these funds for ECE, which you can check out here.

  • For family child care providers, Home Grown has released a very useful resource on preparing for the 2021 Tax Season.

  • And don’t miss Fiscal Strategies rescheduled webinar on cost estimation modeling, which will now take place on February 15 at 3pm eastern. If you have not yet registered, please visit



For the latest regarding the COVID virus in Early Care Education/K-12 settings, follow this link:

The links below include a NAEYC survey on the effects the Pandemic has on childcare providers, details about applying for small business loans, changes to the WIC application process, Tips for SECA, and more.



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