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The Oklahoma Association for the Education of Young Children’s mission is to support all who care for, educate and work on behalf of young children. 

Through our work we support professionals, families and children by sharing resources and advocacy information to meet the need for high quality early care and education. 

OKAEYC is host to six chapters that provide programming at the local level for our members. Our state organization has an annual conference in OKC with hundreds in attendance. We publish online journals and newsletters, host webinars, regional conferences, as well as work with stakeholder partners to advocate for quality early care and education experiences for all children in the state of Oklahoma.

As an affiliate of both the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA), we keep our members informed of current issues in the early childhood field. Members participate in the legislation and advocacy, quality improvement initiatives, accreditation facilitation, reviewing and publishing evidenced-based practice material, building professional development opportunities, and growing professional recognition and membership.


Board Membership:


Service on the OKAEYC Board is a chance to help drive the decisions of our highly-respected national and state associations. Holding an office on the state board is also an opportunity to work with other leaders in the state, guide OKAEYC strategic goals, and influence programs, training, and issues in the state. Board service is a chance to grow personally and professionally, to develop skills, gain unique experience, and make lasting connections with a team of other passionate and motivated professionals.  

 Board members

Public Relations Co-Chair: Bailey Maxey

Conference Co-Chairs:  Paloma Cisneros & Marla Pankratz

Public Policy Chair/Secretary:  Dr. Stephanie Hinton

SECA Representative:  Sarah Albahadily

Vice President of Membership: Christy Taylor- Hamilton

Treasurer:  Dr. Susan Tabor

President ElectCarina Amrine

Past President:  Dr. Mansur Choudry

President: Jana Cornelius

Business Manager (Ex officio board member):  Amanda Waters


Vice President of Chapters:

Student Representative:  

Awards & Scholarships Chair: 

Commitee members: leadership, conference, nominating, finance, social media/PR

Nomination form: send completed to

Board Handbookposition(s) responsibilities

Mansur Choudry.jpg


Dr. Mansur Choudry

Executive Board Members

Jana has more than 35 years of experience in the early childhood field, working in public school, NAEYC accredited early childhood organizations, and state agencies. She holds a B.S. in Early Childhood Education, B.S. in Elementary Special Education with a concentration on Mild and Moderate Disabilities and Speech Impairments, and an M.Ed. in Education Administration.

Jana Cornelius.jpg


Jana Cornelius

I hold a Ph.D. in Special Education from Oklahoma State University. A degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and Masters in Special Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and am a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst).  I am a member of NAEYC, DISES, Ex-Vice President Early Childhood Association of Oklahoma, Council of Exceptional Children, Autism Society of America, Southern Early Childhood Association, and Association of Professional Behavior Analysts. I am also the Trainer for the First Start and the Master Consultant/Educator with the Council of Early Childhood and Professional Development for children and adults with special needs and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Early Childhood Education and Care has been a professional passion for over 20 years. I started as a teenage babysitter, then in the classroom as an assistant and over time I moved into the role of director.  To me, our work is the most important work that anyone could do. I am now at OCCC and working with students in the CD/ECE field of study that are employed in licensed child care facilities. It’s a similar passion as I help professionals grow themselves to be intentional lead teachers and professional directors in the field. I know that my work with adult students impacts a classroom or center full of children. I am excited to be in the running for the OKAEYC President Elect and assist in propelling this organization forward over the next 3 years! 


Carina Amrine

Over 25 years ago, I started my in Early Childhood Education in a Montessor classroom. Since then, I have completed my AS in Early Child Development and a BA in leadership with a minor in Early Education. My experience in ECE includes working with Head Start, operating a licensed large family childcare, and serving as an Infant Toddler Specialist for the NW Region of Oklahoma. Currently, I am the Child Development/Education Specialist for Oklahoma City Head Start Program, where I believe setting a strong foundation for a child's future self through early development.

Christy H.png

Vice President of membership

Christy  Taylor-Hamilton


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